Our History

There are some recent events that caught the attention of our board members…

In March 2021, Public Citizens for Children and Youth, now Children First PA, released the No More Dreams Deferred report.  Pennsylvania ranks 15th in the nation in providing overall access to educational opportunities for students, AND it ranks at the bottom – 47th in the country – in gaps both between White and Black students and White and Hispanic students.  

PCCY examined the achievement gap between white students and students of color in southeast PA school districts.  Souderton has the 3rd WORST achievement gap in Montgomery County for reading, and the 4th WORST achievement gap for math.

FutureReadyPA.org has reported that the statewide 2030 goal for English language growth and attainment is 70%.  The state average is currently 30% and Souderton has only achieved 15%, which is well below the interim target.  

Since the spring of 2021, Critical Race Theory has been a topic of much debate at SASD school board meetings.  SAFA does not advocate for teaching CRT in our schools.  Though SAFA is concerned that the heated debate over this topic is a sign that many in this community do not share our values.  

According to PCCY and other professionals…

“Students that perceive their school climate as positive feel valued, respected, listened to, and a part of the community. They consistently do better in school and have fewer behavioral issues. Despite compelling research that it is essential to student success, Black and Hispanic students are far less likely than White students to experience a positive school climate. Moreover, they are less likely to report feeling safe, supported, connected to adults, or having relationships with trusted adults in schools.”

There are countless anecdotes from students, parents, and advocates that indicate we are moving in the wrong direction. The school community is becoming less welcoming, less safe, and less tolerant. In June of 2021, a group of about 20 parents gathered in a driveway to brainstorm how we can change the school community for the better.  This is when SAFA was born.

In May of 2022, SAFA was granted non-profit status as a tax exempt 501(c)(3) organization by the IRS.